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Self-Portrait with Twins and One Breast

Linn Schröder


20.05, 18:00
Vaska Emanouilova Gallery 15, Yanko Sakazov Blvd.


Self-Portrait with Twins and One Breast

Linn Schröder (born 1977 in Hamburg) studied until the year 2004 at the HAW Hamburg. Her graduation work “Sie sind ein echter Frosch” won the BFF Förderpreis. She then went on to study at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zürich. By invitation of Ingo Taubhorn she participated in the first European Photo Exhibition Award, for which she shot “Somewhere Here”, which was shown at the Hamburger Deichtorhallen, at Paris Photo and the Lucca Photo Festival as well as at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. All her works have won numerous awards and were shown many times all across Europe. She works for international magazines (such as Camera Austria International, Vonhundert, Photonews) and teaches regularly, among others at the School of the Arts Berlin-Weißensee, the HTW Berlin and the OSTKREUZSCHULE for photography. She lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin. Her works that often negotiate the relation between dream and reality are free from cliches or anything, the observer might expect for that matter. The picture “Self Portrait with Twins and Breast”, is concerned with her own body, by means of which she tells a deeply intimate story.

Very courageous and very personal - one can often hear words like such epithets when it comes to

Lin Schroeder's "Portrait of a Twins and One Breast". According to her, however, the picture talks about the two most important topics in life - its beginning and its end. In this sense, the picture is really very intimate, but Linn thinks we should not call it courageous, as these are two things that virtually everybody goes through. On the other hand our society is still subject to taboo themes, among which death occupies one of the honorable places. With this photography, the author tries to be closer to painting and is heavily seduced by the moment when art reminds you something. The sensation she wanted to create was both attraction and repulsion, and thus she is not limited to a clear and specific message, so the viewer has the chance to experience her art in his own way, according to his own experience or current condition.

For her "To Bejewel" series, Lynn goes to the paradise of gaming and flamboyant extravagance - Las Vegas. The result of this trip is, however, quite surprising - instead of brilliance, lights, nightclubs, casinos or strip bars, the photographs of the series portray a dirt road in the desert, some rocks, a lone street lantern, a kid nocking on a door. The only frame we can see games of chance is a dark and slightly depressing room where several older women are seated and appear to play on some electronic gambling machines. But not quite sure.

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