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Ten Snapshots. Prague

Missirkov and Bogdanov


22.05, 18:30
Czech centre, 'G. S. Rakovski'' 100 Sofia


Ten Snapshots. Prague

The exhibition "Ten snaps from Prague" shows ten views of the Czech capital. At every point the two photographers shoot the different situations that occur in front of their camera for one hour. Next is a process similar to film editing and after that we get ten multi-figure compositions that turn upside down the classical idea of the "decisive moment" in photography.

The result is, according to the authors, "an idealized but a little bit frightening vision of what Prague might become." The project was completed 10 years ago for the book A Better City, published by Cartiere del Garda. His first meeting with the Bulgarian audience is from May 22 to June 4 at the Czech Center in Sofia.

Boris Misirkov and Georgi Bogdanov have learned the craftsmanship in the NATFA (specialty film and television cinematography), then in the experimental school FABRICA in Italy and further - with each project, exhibition, workshop or film, in which stand their names. Those lessons, the real ones, form a long list, which includes titles of prestigious Bulgarian and European magazines, management of the studio Agitprop and a series of documentaries that are among the best produced in the country.

When and where

22.05 - 30.06
Czech Centre

100, G. S. Rakovski Str.

working hours: Monday to Friday, 13.00 – 19.00
entrance: free