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1/320 SECOND


First Bulgarian with Pulitzer prize and his photographs; Movies about photography


02.05, 19.00
Art center Bankya


1/320 SECOND

1/320 Second is one of the most popular shutter speed settings. It is universal and guarantees up to 90% success in photographing people in movement. “People in movement” are also the focus of Stoyan Nenov’s exhibition. Sometimes the movement saves them, and other times it is the only state where they can be themselves. And it is then, in this 1/320 second, where one human meets another.



Stoyan Nenov
The Reuters photographic reporter is the first Bulgarian to receive a Pulitzer prize. The distinction was given to him and his colleagues from the agency photographic department headed by Yanis Behrakis and the New York Times photojournalists Mauricio Lima, Sergey Ponomarev, Tyler Hicks and Daniel Etter in the Breaking News Photography category. They received the award as recognition of their work in covering the drama of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in Europe having lost everything – sometimes including their own lives.


13 May 17:00 h

Kinofabrika 'Human' 

movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand 180 min.

They make us face each other by finding ourselves. Their stories are full of love and happiness, hatred and violence. They share the stories of their life - sometimes shocking, sometimes they make us shed tears, and sometimes our hearts may skip a beat. Between these stories we see a the stunning pictures of the Earth from above.

14 May 17:00 h.

Kinofabrika FOTOFOND: Documentaries produced by Fotofabrika 120 min.

Learn more about photography and art from world famous photographers such as Cristina Garcia Rodero, Chema Mados and their Bulgarian colleagues Pavel Chervenkov, Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Missirkov.